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« Everyone is an abyss, it makes you dizzy to look down into it. » Georg Büchner


In spite of efforts, theatre very seldom leaves the confines of its own circle, and most of the time it speaks the language of a circle of insiders. Yet play, ritual and storytelling are as necessary to every human being as food and sleep. With Woyzeck – ‘first proletarian on a theatre stage’ – we want to bring the theatrical act to people in migration, just as one would offer shelter or medical care. Constructed as a contemporary tragedy, each performance includes the creation of an amateur choir, chosen from among the inhabitants, in dialogue with the artists.

Long considered as a fragmented piece of writing, anticipating the open forms of contemporary drama, Woyzeck actually presents a coherent narrative: that of a feminicide. A narrative that sheds light on the chain reactions leading to the killing of a woman: a voice whispers to Woyzeck that he must “bleed the bitch” and, like a puppet guided by invisible threads, he kills Marie with knives. Through an organic and non-linear composition, Büchner offers us a reflection on the nature of evil and our relationship with the invisible.


Based on Woyzeck by Georg Büchner
Directed by Luca Giacomoni
Translation Jean-Louis Besson and Jean Jourdheuil
With Luvinsky Atche, Moriba Bathily, Violaine Bougy, Dyckson Essi Djogo, Louis Plesse, Feroz Sahoulamide, Fred Voubrel (cast in progress)
Singing Fé Avouglan
Assistant director Marie-Eve Dorléans and Kristina Strelkova
Initiation to puppetry Nancy Rusek
Puppet creation Sébastien Puech
Boxing training Fred Voubrel

Production Why Theatre / Coproduction Ateliers Médicis (Clichy-sous-Bois and Montfermeil) / With the support of the City of Paris as part of the Cultural Olympiad, the Fondation d’entreprise La Poste, the Fondation Jan Michalski, the Fondation SNCF, Fondation Humanités, Digital et Numérique and Fondation Meyer pour le développement culturel et artistique / Creative residencies at Ateliers Médicis (Clichy-sous-Bois), Nouveau Gare au Théâtre (Vitry-sur-Seine) and Carreau du Temple (Paris).

Duration : 1h30

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