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Wojtek Jakubiec • Fashion Photographer
Wojtek Jakubiec • Fashion Photographer

« Every man is an abyss, and it is dizzying to look into it. » Georg Büchner


Woyzeck, Hamlet, Iliad, Karamazov: these stories define the contours of the culture I was born into. They are like crystals of memory and – in my eyes – continue to tell what we are, what we could be. They are now deconsecrated cathedrals that only ask to be inhabited in a different way. Theater is my way of inhabiting these narratives, and bringing them to life – as Ovid writes – mutated within new bodies.

The directing choices align with this perspective: to bring Büchner’s text to life by rooting it in Clichy-sous-Bois, the Parisian suburb where the urban riots of 2005 broke out; to make the artistic team work with a group of voice hearers; to recount the life of  barracks and a military hospital through the metaphor of the world of boxing; and above all, to join seemingly remote points – humiliation and heresy, scapegoating and femicide – to allow other constellations of meaning emerge.


Study on Woyzeck by Georg Büchner
Director / Luca Giacomoni
Translation / Jean-Louis Besson and Jean Jourdheuil
Dramaturgy / Sarah Di Bella
With / Luvinsky Atche, Fé Avouglan, Moriba Bathily, Violaine Bougy, Dyckson Essi Djogo, Feroz Sahoulamide, Fred Voubrel
Cello / Martina Rodriguez
Assistant Director / Marie-Eve Dorléans
Marionettes / Studio Philippe Genty
Costumes / Cécile Laborda
Lighting design / Bartolo Filippone

Production Why Theatre / Co-production Ateliers Médicis (Clichy-sous-Bois) and MC93 – Maison de la Culture de Seine-Saint-Denis (Bobigny) / With the support of the City of Paris as part of the Cultural Olympiad, La Poste Foundation, Jan Michalski Foundation, SNCF Foundation, Meyer Foundation for Cultural and Artistic Development, and Humanités, Digital et Numérique Foundation / Creative residencies at Ateliers Médicis (Clichy-sous-Bois), at Nouveau Gare au Théâtre (Vitry-sur-Seine) and at Carreau du Temple (Paris).

Duration : 1h

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