Noise and signal

The current state of the world demands a complete overhaul of the way we act. At the same time, the overabundance of information is giving rise to a feeling of great insecurity: where is the noise coming from? How can we hear the signals that have value? Above all, are we capable of acting accordingly and mastering the transformations underway? There is a natural need to project ourselves beyond the saturated, noisy present.

Ekimetrics responds to this need by using algorithms to collect billions of pieces of data, in an attempt to identify signals in the flow. From March to November 2019, Nour Awada and Luca Giacomoni conducted an immersion study involving personal interviews with thirteen data scientists and weekly workshops focusing on a key issue: when it comes to interpreting past data, what information is valuable and what is unimportant? In other words, how do you separate the noise from the signal?

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