Armenia 2025


Laurent Van der Stockt
Photos Laurent Van der Stockt

« What will become of man without God? Is everything permitted then, everything permissible ? » Fyodor Dostoevsky


The most famous provocation of the 20th century – Gott ist tot, God is dead – has become an unequivocal statement: man has lost his horizon. Our sky is empty, and Dostoevsky described this withering process as few others have done. The difficulty, indeed the impossibility, of believing in the ‘good’ is the cancer diagnosed at all levels of the extraordinary architecture of The Brothers Karamazov. A diagnosis that sadly resonates with the ills of our time.

The stories I choose to tell are like enigmas, containing different forms of answers to a single question: what is a human being capable of? This question – which has guided my work for years – can be understood in two ways: what is our darker side capable of, and what is our brighter side capable of. “Capacity” also in a geometric sense: what is the volume of a human being? How much reality can it contain? Theater becomes a powerful measuring instrument, capable of bearing witness to the breadth of the human spectrum.


Study on The Brothers Karamazov by Fyodor Dostoevsky
Director / Luca Giacomoni
Translation / André Markowicz
Dramaturgy / Sarah Di Bella
Assistant Director / Violaine Bougy
Costumes / Cécile Laborda
Lighting design / Bartolo Filippone
Production in progress

Défilement vers le haut